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Vancouver Neighbourhood Guide: Kerrisdale

Kerrisdale: Vancouver’s Charming and Historic Neighbourhood


Kerrisdale is a charming and historic neighbourhood located on Vancouver’s west side. Known for its tree-lined streets, well-preserved heritage homes, and vibrant commercial district, Kerrisdale offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern conveniences. This family-friendly area is popular among residents of all ages, making it one of Vancouver’s most desirable places to live.


Kerrisdale’s history dates back to the early 20th century when it was established as a residential neighbourhood. The area has retained much of its original character, with many heritage homes and buildings still standing. Kerrisdale’s rich history is evident in its architecture and the strong sense of community that has persisted over the decades.


Living in Kerrisdale means enjoying a balanced lifestyle that offers the best of both worlds. Residents benefit from the neighbourhood’s peaceful, residential atmosphere while having easy access to a bustling commercial district filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants. Kerrisdale’s abundance of parks and green spaces also provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation.


Kerrisdale is home to a close-knit and engaged community. The neighbourhood attracts families, retirees, and professionals who appreciate its friendly atmosphere and excellent amenities. Community events, local markets, and neighbourhood associations play a significant role in fostering a connected and supportive environment.

Real Estate

The real estate market in Kerrisdale features a mix of heritage homes, modern single-family houses, and upscale condos. The area is known for its well-maintained properties and spacious lots, which often come with beautiful gardens and mature trees. Real estate in Kerrisdale is highly sought after, reflecting the neighbourhood’s appeal and quality of life.

Parks and Recreation

Kerrisdale offers several parks and recreational facilities that enhance the neighbourhood’s appeal:

  • Kerrisdale Centennial Park: A popular spot for families, featuring a playground, sports fields, and a community centre offering a variety of programs and activities.
  • Elm Park: A neighbourhood park known for its wide-open spaces, playground, and sports facilities.
  • Cycling and Walking Paths: The neighbourhood’s tree-lined streets and well-maintained sidewalks make it a great place for walking and cycling.

Dining and Nightlife

Kerrisdale boasts a diverse dining scene with a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars:

  • Minerva’s Mediterranean Grill: A local favourite offering delicious Mediterranean cuisine in a cozy, family-friendly setting.
  • The Secret Garden Tea Company: Known for its delightful afternoon tea service and delicious baked goods.
  • Bean Brothers Cafe: A popular spot for coffee and light meals, known for its welcoming atmosphere.

The nightlife in Kerrisdale is more subdued compared to other parts of Vancouver, with a focus on local pubs and family-friendly establishments. For a more vibrant nightlife, residents can easily access downtown Vancouver.


Kerrisdale offers an eclectic shopping experience with its mix of independent boutiques, specialty stores, and well-known brands:

  • West 41st Avenue: The heart of Kerrisdale’s shopping district, featuring a variety of stores ranging from high-end fashion boutiques to specialty shops and services.
  • Kerrisdale Village: A charming shopping area offering a mix of local shops, cafes, and professional services.
  • Grocery Stores: Several grocery stores and markets provide convenient access to fresh produce and everyday essentials.


Kerrisdale is well-connected by public transportation and major roadways:

  • Bus Routes: Several bus routes run through the neighbourhood, providing easy access to downtown Vancouver, UBC, and other parts of the city.
  • Proximity to Major Roads: The neighbourhood’s location offers convenient access to major roads and highways, making it easy to travel by car.
  • Cycling and Walking: The neighbourhood’s quiet streets and proximity to parks encourage walking and cycling as popular modes of transportation.

Schools and Education

Kerrisdale is known for its excellent educational institutions, making it a popular choice for families:

  • Point Grey Secondary School: A highly regarded public high school offering a range of academic and extracurricular programs.
  • Kerrisdale Elementary School: A public elementary school known for its strong community involvement and supportive learning environment.
  • Crofton House School: A prestigious private girls’ school offering programs from Kindergarten to Grade 12.


Healthcare services in Kerrisdale are easily accessible, with several clinics, pharmacies, and wellness centres located within the neighbourhood. Vancouver General Hospital, one of the city’s major healthcare facilities, is also nearby, providing comprehensive medical services to the community.

Events and Festivals

Kerrisdale hosts numerous events and festivals that celebrate its vibrant culture and community spirit:

  • Kerrisdale Farmers Market: A weekly market offering fresh, locally grown produce, artisanal goods, and live entertainment.
  • Kerrisdale Days: An annual festival celebrating the neighbourhood with live music, food, and family-friendly activities.
  • Christmas in Kerrisdale: A festive event featuring holiday lights, carolers, and local shopping promotions.


Kerrisdale is a charming and historic neighbourhood that offers an exceptional quality of life. Its blend of old-world charm, modern amenities, and strong community make it one of Vancouver’s most desirable places to live. Whether you’re a family, professional, or retiree, Kerrisdale provides a serene and welcoming environment that truly stands out.

For more information about Kerrisdale and other Vancouver neighbourhoods, visit Vancouver Page.


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