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Chopsticks On Pho

Born and raised in two different parts of Vietnam, North and South, they fled the country by boat with their parents and siblings at a young age. Deeply grateful for the love and care of their new homeland, they settled in. As fate has already written, they met each other one day in the beautiful yet cold city of Edmonton, Alberta.

When they first met, he was a college student and she was a high school teenager. He asked “ What is your passion? ” She replied “ People and food.” He nodded “Me too! and what is your dream? ” She answered, “ Well, growing up in my mother’s kitchen and truly inspired by her cooking, I would love to run my own restaurant someday ”.

Almost two decades later together as a couple going through life, schooling, jobs, and now as parents with two little ones at the age of three and eleven months old, he looked at her and said “ It’s time that you go after your dream! ”

When families and friends heard about their restaurant venture, they often shook their heads and said “ Good luck, but you two are insane! Wait until the kids are bit older! ”

Yes, we are that passionate! And so Chopsticks on Pho was born.

This is our story. You can call us Steven and Lynn. We are just a regular couple who love people and food! Thank you for coming. We Pho-sure love to see you back here Pho-more!

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