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The Dinsmore Bridge is a crossing over the middle arm of the Fraser River, and a former section of River Rd., in Metro Vancouver.

In the 1870s, John Brough, who acquired this island adjacent to Sea Island, built a small house and farmed what became Brough Island. Hugh Boyd purchased the 210-acre property, but resold to John Errington, who dyked and drained the land in the 1880s.

The Goodmurphy cannery, which opened in 1894, was incorporated the following year as the Dinsmore Island Canning Co. by John Dinsmore, M.B. Wilkinson, W.D. Goodmurphy, and Caleb Goodmurphy.The cannery presence renamed the location to Dinsmore Island.In the early 1900s, BC Packers acquired the cannery along with many others along the arms of the Fraser.The plant was demolished in 1913.

In 1920, Bob Doherty purchased Dinsmore Island and Pheasant Island in a tax sale. Clearing the neglected land, he maintained a dairy herd, and tenant farmers grew sugar beet and peas. Doherty also arranged the construction of a bridge from Sea Island, via Pheasant Island at the eastern end of Dinsmore Island. In 1939, the federal government expropriated the farm for airport expansion, and the Doherty family moved to Ladner.Channel filling amalgamated Pheasant Island into Dinsmore Island, which in turn absorbed into Sea Island by 1952.

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